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Free Resources for Aging Services Providers

Whether you’re a benefits counselor at a local aging agency, or an activities director at a senior center, chances are you’re always on the lookout for free materials to use at outreach events, health fairs, communal dining, conferences, and more.

While anyone is welcome to download any publication from NCOA’s website, our resources generally are not available in bulk, print copies. However, we have compiled this list of eight places where you can go to request free materials that may be helpful to you and educational for your clients—whether they’re looking for information about scams, health insurance, exercise, or safety.

1. Avoiding scams

The Federal Trade Commission offers a variety of bookmarks, tear sheet pads, booklets, and Spanish-language fotonovelas to educate the public about scams such as the Grandparent Scam, IRS impostors, and charity fraud.

2. Emergency preparedness

Emergency Supply FEMANatural disasters can strike at any time without warning. Help older adults know what to do to be ready by sharing these brochures from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Included in the publication offerings are special instructions for seniors, persons with disabilities, and pet owners.

3. Women’s health

The Food & Drug Administration’s Office of Women’s Health has numerous publications designed to help women make better health decisions. Mammograms, health scams, menopause and hormones, sleep problems, and osteoporosis are just a few of the fact sheet topics available to order in English and Spanish.

4. Medicare (including new Medicare cards) and Medicaid/Marketplace

Most Medicare publications are available free for download or in e-book formats. To get printed outreach and education materials in bulk, however, you’ll need to create an online account before placing your order. Then you’ll find brochures, posters, fact sheets, and more about a range of Medicare enrollment, coverage, and health issues, in English, Spanish, and other languages. There’s even promotional materials that explain the roll-out of the new Medicare cards (search the site under “Featured Medicare”).

Also available from the site are resources directed to consumers who may have Medicaid or Marketplace coverage. Be sure to check out the Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You, available in guides and poster formats, as well as the fillable cards that can be used to gather contact information, set appointments, and record test results.

5. Financial education

These fun placemats were designed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in collaboration with Meals on Wheels America. The placemats include word games that educate older adults about how to detect and avoid common financial scams. A companion guide is also available for sites that wish to conduct a short lesson around the placemats. Several versions are also available in Spanish.

Be sure to check out CFPB’s numerous other free brochures on topics such as mortgages, saving money at tax time, your rights regarding debt collection, and money management.

6. Healthy aging

As one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life. NIA is the primary federal agency supporting and conducting Alzheimer’s disease research. Publications are available in English and Spanish and include:

  • Brief AgePage pamphlets on topics such as diabetes, elder abuse, and forgetfulness
  • Guides on long-distance caregiving, talking with your doctor, smart food choices, and medication safety
  • A series of fact sheets and guides specific to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, including a guide to caring for a person with Alzheimer’s

7. Food benefits and nutrition education

My Plate posterThe USDA Food and Nutrition Service offers free education and outreach materials about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or Food Stamps); many are available in Spanish. Most of the materials include the national toll-free number; however, you may customize them with your own phone number by adding a sticker or a stamp.

8. Exercise and physical activity

The NIA’s Go4Life campaign recognizes that exercise and physical activity are an important part of healthy aging. Visit the Go4Life website to learn about different types of exercises focused on endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. You can also order free copies of the Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging booklet, as well as posters and bookmarks in English and Spanish.

9. Falls prevention

STEADI falls prevention brochureThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s STEADI stands for Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries. Professionals can obtain English and Spanish patient education materials that include Check for Safety Brochure: Identify and Eliminate Falls Hazards in the Home, What You Can Do to Prevent Falls brochure, and Postural Hypertension: What It Is and How to Manage It. Order free copies by entering STEADI in the search box.

10. Health and safety

From posters emphasizing the importance of adult vaccinations, to fact sheets about cancer screenings and guides to kidney dialysis, the CDC’s online clearinghouse offers a wealth of publications around health and safety issues.

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Brandy Bauer is Associate Director of NCOA's Center for Benefits Access, where she educates both aging network professionals and consumers about Medicare and opportunities to improve seniors’ economic outlook, including through public benefits, community service employment, financial education, and using their home equity wisely.