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Fight the heat with hydration and nutrition

As the summer heat hit record highs, I packed for a 4-hour trip to visit my parents. I reviewed the Aging Mastery Playbook I’d shared with them and personally took heed of its healthy eating and hydration guidance. Packing nutritious food before a trip pays dividends: more energy, higher endurance, and protection against common diseases. I brought a water bottle, cooler bag with fruit, hummus, and veggies, and a chocolate almond snack.

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) promotes tried-and-true health principles, like frequent hydration even when you’re not active. During the hottest months of the year, it’s especially important to remember that dehydration is one of the ten most frequent diagnoses leading to hospitalization. My gym and yoga buddies are hip to that and bought me multiple insulated water bottles last year. They know that when I was pregnant and taking my toddler to Disney World, I forgot to drink water and fainted up in the Swiss Family Treehouse. This did earn me a pass to beat the lines, but I don’t recommend causing such drama.

I hope my cautionary tale motivates you to “AMP up” your life by beginning with a realistic plan for improvement. Eating and hydrating well can enhance your skin and muscle tone. This, in turn, can have positive effects on your self-esteem, mental health, and social life. If you are not sure what a healthy plate looks like, you may check out free resources like ChooseMyPlate.gov to explore fruits, grains, vegetables, and proteins including dairy.

A good well-being workout cycle is comprised of six elements:

You can be sure your doctors will ask about how you’re doing with each step of the cycle. Make sure to bring it up with them! Don’t forget to share this with those you love so they can also enjoy the gift of longevity.

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