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6 Ways to Engage at Every Age

May is Older Americans Month, and this year’s theme is Engage at Every Age. NCOA is committed to helping every American age well. Here are six ways you can engage with NCOA to improve your life or the life of an older adult you know. Please share!

1. Check out your local senior center

Today’s senior center is a vibrant, action-packed combination of local fitness center, job and volunteering headquarters, transportation hub, and tasty dining locale. See what they have to offer.

2. Give your budget a tune up

Get financially empowered. Discover whether you’re eligible for benefits programs to help pay for daily needs, find a trusted partner to help you get out of debt, and explore new ways to earn extra income.

3. Be safe, eat well

Find an evidence-based falls prevention program that can help keep you on your feet and explore these healthy eating tips, so you get the right mix of nutrients as you age.

4. Make the most of Medicare

Medicare can be confusing. Find useful information such as how to prevent heart disease, get home health care, and more using Medicare.

5. Learn how to master aging

See how the Aging Mastery Program® is helping people across the country navigate this new phase of their lives.

6. Speak up

Do you care about programs that support all of us as we age? Be an advocate to help protect and improve them. See how on our Action Center.


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