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Older worker inside stone factory

The Pandemic’s Threat to Older Workers

Older workers facing job loss have a harder time re-entering the workforce, which is why SCSEP is a valuable lifeline in getting them back to employment.


SCSEP: Providing Jobs and Economic Impact Across the Country

SCSEP puts nearly 70,000 older Americans to work in large and small communities across the country. Find out how.


3 Must-Follow Rules When Job Hunting After 50

Job hunting after 50 can be very discouraging and challenging, but with a little confidence, and access to the right resources, you can easily overcome any “challenge.” Use our 3 tips to find a job with ease.


5 Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers

If you’re looking to re-enter the workforce or switch career paths, you need a solid resume. How can you make yours stand out? Start with these 5 tips.