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Remaining Connected as the Pandemic Continues

Nearly four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many older adults are struggling to adjust to a new normal and wondering what it means for their future. Regardless of where your community is in terms of opening, closing, or infection rates, here are some tips for keeping yourself safe and healthy—physically, mentally, and financially.


7 Tips for Managing Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this time of physical distancing and uncertainty, many older adults and caregivers are feeling isolated, lonely, agitated, and withdrawn. It’s critically important for you to stay in touch with your counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist if you have an existing mental health condition or substance use disorder.


5 Healthy Aging Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women are often the first line of defense when protecting their family’s health, but in doing so tend to put their concerns on the back burner. These quick tips can help keep you happy and healthy as you juggle your everyday responsibilities.


LGBT Older Adults Run a Higher Risk for These 3 Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions can be difficult to manage at the best of times, but for many LGBT older adults, unique challenges threaten the healthy aging of a generation.


Mental Health This Holiday and Beyond: 4 Steps to Combat Loneliness in Seniors

Loneliness can cause depression and other mental health declines. Ensure your older loved ones feel belonging this holiday.