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3 Simple Tips for a Healthy and Safe Cookout

Memorial Day weekend is here—the unofficial start of summer. To ensure your summer cookouts are both fun and safe, here are a few tips from the USDA.


Eating Well After 50: 5 Ways to Make Healthy Food Choices This Year

For adults 50+, it’s more important than ever to eat well. Here are 5 tips to help you make healthy food choices this year.


Protecting Your Loved Ones from Food Illnesses This Holiday: 5 Dangerous Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

One in 6 Americans gets sick from foodborne illness each year, and seniors are at a greater risk. Find out how to stay safe this holiday!


The Face of Malnutrition May be More Familiar Than You Think

The face of malnutrition may be more common than you think. Learn the warning signs and encourage people you know to speak to their doctor about their health.


SNAP FAQ: Using SNAP at Your Local Farmers Market

Learn how to use SNAP dollars at your local farmers market.


SNAP FAQ: What Is It and How Do You Apply?

Confused about what SNAP is, or have basic questions about income requirements and/or what to expect on the application? Check out our latest video to get answers.