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Women’s History Month Reminds Us Things Have Gotten Better

Women’s History Month is a chance to remember major milestones that made aging well easier for women. Since the beginning of the 20th century, life expectancy has increased significantly due to improvements in public health, nutrition, and medical technology including improved treatments and better medications for heart disease, stroke, infectious diseases, and certain cancers, such as breast and colon cancers.


Older Adults and the 2020 Census: A Colorado Story

With all the concerns around the increased census issues, there are many opportunities to ensure that our older adult population is counted.


7 Facts about Older Adults and SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the largest domestic hunger safety net program helping low-income older adults to achieve food security. But many myths abound–here we set the record straight with seven facts about seniors and SNAP.


Straight Talk for Seniors®: Federal Funding for Low-Income Benefits Outreach

On Sept. 30, funding authority expires for an important program that connects low-income Medicare beneficiaries with benefits to help them afford their health care costs. Learn more.


Finding Post-Disaster Resources for Seniors

Following a natural disaster, finding information specifically for seniors can be challenging. Use these resources to get answers and find in-person assistance.


How to Find Free Help for Seniors Struggling to Make Ends Meet

All of us dream of growing old with health, security, and independence—without having to worry too much about the costs of everyday life. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for many of today’s older adults.