Community Dietitian

You, the Dietitian, are the primary resource for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition. Review these action steps to help identify and treat malnutrition in your community organization.

Executive Director

As the lead administrator for your agency, creating the vision and services your organization delivers to existing and prospective clients, you can have an impact on healthcare costs while bringing in new revenue. You can use the action steps listed to work with your team as well as community and healthcare partners to identify and treat malnutrition.

Food Service Director

As the Food Service Director, your role as a knowledgeable food professional is a key part of creating meal and snack offerings which meet the needs of seniors with malnutrition, while you maintain cost controls and provide food within resource limitations. Review these action plans to help your organization take action against malnutrition.

Hospital Clinical Nutrition Manager

You, the Hospital Clinical Nutrition Manager, are a dietitian leader, a nutrition expert and the team motivator. The Clinical Nutrition Manager must plan, coordinate, and manage patient nutrition care activities. Nutrition protocols must be established to ensure rapid treatment for patients identified as at-risk for malnutrition or malnourished.