Market Analysis Worksheet

Use this worksheet to conduct a market analysis and determine your target market, customers, and competitors.

Evidence-Based Program Application Form

NCOA and EBLC would like to draw your attention to the two-stage Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program application process: The first stage is an application that addresses the evidence and evaluation details related to the program.  Once evaluated by Review Council members with expertise in research and program evaluation, applicants will be notified whether […]

Webinar: Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2017: 10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls

Learn about ideas, tools, and new resources to maximize your impact on Falls Prevention Awareness Day and beyond. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Falls Prevention Awareness Day and this year’s theme is 10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls. Join NCOA’s National Falls Prevention Resource Center, CDC and the National Safety Council for this informative webinar.