Oregon Multilingual MIPPA Postcards

These MIPPA postcards from Oregon—available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and simplified Chinese—educate consumers about assistance with costs in Parts B and D.

North Carolina Medicare Preventive Services/MIPPA Flyer

This flyer from the North Carolina State Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) lists some of the key Medicare preventive services under Part B and encourages beneficiaries to contact the SHIIP to learn more.

Oklahoma MIPPA Sample Flyer

This sample MIPPA flyer from Oklahoma encourages seniors who must make trade-offs between prescriptions and food to contact the local aging office for help with Medicare savings.

Oklahoma MIPPA Rx Pads

The Oklahoma Medicare Assistance Program developed these tear-off MIPPA Rx pads for consumers to get a “prescription” to get help with their Part D costs in Medicare.

Mississippi Sample MIPPA Brochure

This sample MIPPA brochure from Mississippi educates consumers about how to get help with Medicare costs, and directs them to local offices for more information and assistance.