Key Takeaways

  • Many older adults still get news and trusted information from the radio.

  • NCOA's guide to developing radio public service announcements (PSAs) explains how to use this tool in benefits outreach.

  • Learn more about the costs for a PSA, how they can vary widely depending on the size of the buy, and how long you might want the PSA to run.

Radio public service announcements, or PSAs, can be a good avenue to get the word out about the services your organization offers, since many older adults still listen to the radio.

In order to launch a successful radio PSA, you will need to work with an outside vendor who can help you design the “buy” (i.e., the purchase of radio airtime) to meet your budget specifications, record the ad itself, and then schedule the purchase of airtime once the ad is ready.

NCOA's guide to using radio PSAs walks through what you need to know about implementing this approach to outreach, and includes a sample script for a 30-second radio PSA.