Key Takeaways

  • The Healthy Aging Program Integrated Database (HAPI-D) replaces the National Falls Prevention and CDSME Databases beginning in April 2023. 

  • Use this page to discover database features. Check back here for links to the new database webinar, user manual, and tutorials. 

In 2022, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) took the first steps toward integrating the National CDSME and Falls Prevention databases, which have been separate entities for nearly a decade. 

The newly merged database, known as the Healthy Aging Program Integrated Database (HAPI-D), will officially roll out in the third quarter of 2023, and be entirely hosted on NCOA’s Salesforce platform. HAPI-D will provide a one-stop shop for all grantees and database users to enter workshop data and track performance for both CDSME and falls prevention evidence-based programs.  

The database manager will be working with each account holder and their technical assistance liaisons, if applicable, to confirm their account setup before moving users and accounts over to HAPI-D. 

What are some of the new features of the Heallthy Aging Programs Integrated Database?

  • New Facilitator Directory, spanning both Falls Prevention and CDSME programs
  • Same familiar user interface for creating workshop and participant records 
  • Embedded reports and dashboards within HAPI-D Salesforce environment
  • No more duplicating host organizations or implementation sites—added validation features allow you to easily tie your workshop to an implementation site and connect your implementation sites to as many host organizations as needed
  • Users can now develop their own survey questions or create survey modules
  • Rest API will be open to grantees with vendors—this will eliminate the submission of data through Excel spreadsheets for large data batches
  • More self-serve options allow users to add/delete users, as well as edit/delete records (workshops, participants, etc.)

How will the new database impact data reporting?

  • All data from both the National Falls Prevention and CDSME Ddatabases are already being copied into HAPI-D nightly.
  • Partners and database users will not lose access to their data during this transition period or experience any disruptions.
  • Beginning in April 2023, grantee/organizations working with vendors to submit data to the existing National Falls Prevention and/or CDSME Databases in bulk will be asked to invite their vendor to set up an API option with HAPI-D that allows the systems to exchange data without the need to submit upload Excel spreadsheets.  
  • We will be working with vendors to set up the connection on a rolling basis, starting with vendors with the largest number of grantees/customers.  
  • If data importing has been the primary method of submitting your data to NCOA, please know that you can continue to use this method with the existing data import template for CDSME or Falls Prevention and submitting the file to, until your API connection is set up.  
  • For questions about data importing, contact Angelica Herrera-Venson at 

Review the latest database training and resources

We encourage all new and existing users to review training and resources for the new database. 

In addition to a kick-off webinar providing an overview of the database, the Resource Centers will be publishing the Healthy Aging Programs Integrated Database (HAPI-D) User Manual, and a series of short tutorials. 

Check back here for links to the webinar, user manual, and tutorials.

Current database users and grantees will receive notices about the new database and be alerted when the kick-off webinar is scheduled.