NCOA Services LLC

Discover our social enterprise that is developing self-sustaining solutions to social problems.

NCOA Services LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCOA whose mission is to improve the health and economic security of millions of older adults and help make NCOA an enduring organization.

NCOA Services is a social enterprise that partners with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to develop creative solutions to address the challenges of aging in America and bring them to scale nationwide.


NCOA Services LLC is governed by a CEO and Board of Directors.

Jay Greenberg, ScD, is CEO of NCOA Services, where he works to create and diffuse sustainable, scalable solutions to key issues facing an aging society. Over the last three plus decades, Greenberg has played leadership roles in university, not-for-profit, for-profit start-ups, and publicly traded company settings. Prior to joining NCOA, he was the president of LivHOME, Inc., the largest at-home assisted-living company in California.