Reporting directly to the President & Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President (VP) of Information Technology (IT) is responsible for planning the information technology future for the organization, as well as for the implementation and maintenance of current systems.

This position will be accountable for the management and integrity of technology, data, and information platforms across NCOA, as well as the day-to-day operations of enterprise-wide systems, digital properties, and support personnel. The VP of IT supports NCOA by providing reliable, scalable, and agile IT infrastructure technologies and supports activities that maximize effectiveness, efficiencies, and value of budget allocations while promoting dynamic development environments across the business units.

The VP of IT will be responsible for the planning and execution of a technology strategy, goals, initiatives, and ongoing technology operations that support NCOA’s mission and business objectives. This individual will provide leadership for developing and implementing technology infrastructure initiatives and ensuring effective and efficient technology operations. As a collaborator on the senior management team, this VP will develop strategies for advancing product development by applying emerging solutions, best practices, and continuous improvement. In addition to this important role as technology leader, he/she must be able to inspire fellow NCOA employees and Board members around a strategic technology roadmap for NCOA.

The individual must also provide advice, counsel, direction, and authorization to carry out major IT plans and must effectively communicate to internal stakeholders about ongoing technical budgets, schedules of product releases or project deadlines, investment and implementation of new technologies and business platforms.

The VP of IT will facilitate changes that streamline the organization’s technology services, establish roles and responsibilities, balance the elimination of redundancies against the need to eliminate single points of failure, and identify opportunities for enterprise-wide collaboration across the organization. The VP of IT is expected to develop strong relationships and partnerships across all business units and to foster an environment of collaboration and transparency. He/she will identify and encourage synergies among business units, maximize opportunities for shared infrastructure and common systems, and deploy technologies needed to support the individual units within the organization.

The ideal candidate will have proven IT leadership and systems integration experience and have demonstrable experience delivering successful outcomes in a decentralized environment. He/she must be able to work with multiple project/product teams simultaneously and thrive in fast paced, dynamic environment. The candidate is expected to quickly familiarize himself/herself with the existing technologies that are currently implemented and to determine how best to proceed with innovation that both complements and enhances the existing systems architecture. While NCOA has a long and deep appreciation of and application of technology to its core program mission, this is a new position combining various applications in one organization structure.


  • Responsible and accountable for the knowledge management and information technology assets leveraged throughout the organization.
  • Responsible for the infrastructure “Shared Services” team that provides day-to-day operational services encompassing performance, systems availability, “high availability” of multiple web sites, reporting and analytics, as well as capacity planning. This includes maintaining a comprehensive understanding and documentation of the infrastructure topology and the resulting vendor technology requirements.
      This unit provides 24×7 operational and development support for the configuration, availability, and deployment of IT assets across the enterprise, including but not limited to:
    • LAN & Desktop systems
    • System Administration for approximately 10 web products (running 24/7)
    • Database Administration
    • Analytical tools
    • Salesforce.com platform
    • Back-office systems
    • Voice & video conferencing
  • Responsible for creating, promoting, and deploying a strategic, integrated vision for enterprise IT solutions that aligns with the business, operational, and financial objectives of the organization.
  • Review, establish, and maintain IT policies, “best practices,” and processes and procedures that are implemented across the enterprise business units.
  • Create technology roadmaps for the design and development of new IT products (both forimprovement of internal systems and the development of consumer-facing products).
  • Promote collaborative innovation, transparency, and visibility into product development activities across the enterprise business units – including understanding the requirements from product development teams to recommend the optimal IT infrastructure solution(s) for consideration.
  • Responsible for implementation of consistent data security, access privileges, integrity and privacy standards, and compliance across the enterprise. Direct and evaluate security audits and risk assessments for each business unit’s use of technology.
  • Direct and review activities and objectives of the organization’s collaborative team to produce a viable, integrated methodology for application development that adheres to the enterprise technology roadmap, standards, and procedures and includes responsibilities assigned across the various product development teams, in addition to those within the IT infrastructure team.
  • Responsible for preparing and managing to the enterprise-wide IT budget; ensuring that expenditures align with the technology roadmap and business plan.
  • Establish and cultivate vendor relationships; negotiate vendor contracts and maintenance agreements for enterprise infrastructure components.


  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, engineering, or related field of study
  • 15+ years of experience directing/implementing IT infrastructure services: desktop, network, hosting, security, availability and performance, capacity, business continuity, and disaster recovery, etc.
  • 10+ years of experience defining and developing IT infrastructure solutions to support business process improvement
  • 10+ years of experience working with multiple complex software applications including reporting and analytics solutions
  • Excellent project management skills with goal tracking and metrics competency supporting oversight of multiple concurrent project initiatives across the enterprise.
  • Strong analytics experience
  • Excellent decision making and communication skills
  • 10+ years of leadership experience managing multiple, independent teams/disciplines
  • Demonstrable experience establishing strategic direction and operations of an enterprise architecture
  • Solid experience building organizational talent and trust
  • Strong background with Change Management strategies
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Knowledge of HIPAA and other regulatory compliance

Following Qualifications/Experience Preferred

  • MBA or Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field a plus.
  • Experience with e-commerce websites a plus
  • Technical management experience with CRM (Salesforce) and administrative system platforms

Procedure for candidacy

Interested candidate can apply here.