IT Enterprise Data Integration Specialist

NCOA is seeking a strong candidate for the role of IT Enterprise Data Integration Specialist who is an expert with deep understanding of integration technologies and architecture who works to model, execute and manage data integration practices that ingest, transform, and provision data across various sources into an organized and unified view.

Down the road, this position will help NCOA develop its data science practice and will provide the candidate an opportunity to grow his/her data science expertise.


  • Plan, execute and manage the integration of data across the enterprise’s data assets
  • Work with business teams to understand data needs and develop solutions
  • Build out data solutions to support reporting initiatives across the organization
  • Develop standards, designs, data maps; developing and modifying functions, programs, routines and stored procedures to export, transform and load data
  • Design and model application data structures, storage and integration in accordance with enterprise-wide architecture standards
  • Track industry trends and recommend enterprise data integrations to accommodate users’ needs and business processes
  • Develop and execute test plans and scenarios including data design, tool design, data extract/transform, networks and hardware
  • Architect, design and develop data lakes and data warehouses to support the Business Intelligence needs of NCOA
  • Develop the expertise and knowledge to manage vendors who will deliver the data lake and data warehouse solutions on the AWS platform
  • Develop expertise and initiate solutions around machine learning and AI with a focus to enhance our digital products with information helping older adults improve health and financial well-being



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Related certifications a plus

Work Experience

  • 10+ years work experience in the field of data management such as enterprise database administrator and data implementation engineer
  • Experience in data integration, data warehouse, big-data-related initiatives, development and implementation
  • Experience in architecture patterns and data integration design principles
  • Direct experience in implementing enterprise data management processes, procedures, and decision support
  • Strong understanding of relational data structures, theories, principles, and practices
  • Strong familiarity with metadata management and associated processes
  • Experience with business requirements analysis, entity relationship planning, database design, reporting structures, and so on
  • Ability to manage data and metadata migration



  • Python experience preferred
  • Experience with various architectures, patterns, and protocols such as SSID, SSIS, ODBC, JDBC, unified data management architecture (UDM), event-driven architecture, real-time data flows, non-relational repositories, data virtualization, cloud enablement, etc.
  • Knowledge of and experience with some data integration platforms such as MS SQL Server, and Data warehouse MPP applications, etc.)
  • Ability to regularly learn and adopt new technology


  • Well organized and attentive to detail
  • Customer service oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities such as conflict/issue resolution
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Proven ability to adapt to a dynamic project environment and manage multiple projects
  • Knowledge of nonprofit organizations’ operations a plus
  • A passion for NCOA’s mission and values

To apply, please email with “IT Enterprise Data Integration Specialist” in the subject line.