Deeper Federal Budget Cuts on the Horizon
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Deeper Federal Budget Cuts on the Horizon

June 3, 2013

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The House Appropriations Committee has divvied up funding for fiscal year 2014 among the 12 annual appropriations bills. The funding levels assume that the federal budget sequester is here to stay.

What’s on the horizon for key social services, including the Older Americans Act (OAA)?

Nearly $35 billion in cuts, or over 22% in cuts compared to funding levels before the sequester was imposed.

Known as “302(b) allocations,” the House appropriations bills follow the budget resolution adopted by the House earlier this year. This includes maintaining the lower spending caps imposed by the sequester, but erasing the sequester for defense programs.

As a result, all of the cuts will fall on nondefense discretionary programs (NDD) like the OAA, falls prevention, energy and housing assistance, job training, and health research.

NCOA was one of more than 900 national, state, and local organizations that signed onto a joint letter to Congress urging that FY14 funding reflect pre-sequester levels. Funding for NDD programs already has been cut by over $1.5 trillion and is on pace to fall to historic lows not seen since the Eisenhower administration.

The House allocations are evidence of what funding will look like for key social services if the sequester is not eliminated across the board. The $35 billion cut to the appropriations bill that funds the OAA and other health, education, and labor programs would represent the lowest amount for this bill since 1998, adjusted for inflation.

Congress needs to hear stories about how these cuts are affecting seniors and local programs. Please share your stories, find news and resources from the NDD United campaign, and stay tuned for new tools from NCOA.

Read what Sen. Mikulski (D-MD), chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has to say about the effects of the sequester.


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