Straight Talk for Seniors®
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Straight Talk for Seniors®


Confused about health reform? Wondering what it means for older Americans?

We’re out to set the record straight. Our national educational campaign helps seniors understand what’s in the health reform law and how it affects them. Our facts are drawn from the law itself and from numerous non-partisan sources.

Fact Sheets

Updated July 2013

  • 5 Key Facts on the Affordable Care Act [ PDF ]
  • Frequently Asked Questions [ PDF ]


White House Seniors Health Care Town Hall, June 11, 2012

NCOA President & CEO James Firman discussing health reform and seniors, 2010

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Webinars for Aging Services Professionals

Are you getting questions from seniors about health reform? Learn how to answer them by downloading slides from our webinar on our Straight Talk for Seniors® campaign.

National Poll on Health Reform and Seniors

What do older adults really know about health reform? In 2010, we polled older Americans across the country and found that fewer than half could correctly answer questions about what’s in the law.

  • Poll Results [ PDF ]
  • What We Learned [ PDF ]