NCOA Thought Leaders
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NCOA Thought Leaders


Meet NCOA's thought leaders—experts on everything from falls prevention and benefits access to healthy aging and economic security for vulnerable seniors.

Our leaders are available for media interviews and speaking engagements:

James Firman

President and CEO

For more than 30 years, James Firman, EdD, has been a leading force for innovation in services, programs, and public policies for older persons.

Jay Greenberg

CEO, NCOA Services, LLC

Jay Greenberg, ScD, leads NCOA's social enterprise to create and diffuse sustainable, scalable solutions to key issues facing an aging society.

Howard Bedlin

Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy

Howard Bedlin is responsible for all of NCOA's federal and state legislative advocacy efforts on issues and programs of concern to older adults.

Ramsey Alwin

Vice President, Economic Security

Ramsey Alwin creates and implements NCOA's strategic vision for comprehensive, person-centered economic assistance for vulnerable older adults.

Leslie Fried

Senior Director, Center for Benefits Access

Leslie Fried advocates for improved access to Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other public benefits for disadvantaged older adults.

Cora Plass

Senior Director, Center for Healthy Aging

Cora Plass provides direction and oversight for the Resource Center, which serves as the national clearinghouse of resources and information for CDSME programs.

Kathleen Cameron

Senior Director, Center for Healthy Aging

Kathleen Cameron oversees the Administration on Aging-funded National Falls Prevention Resource Center.



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