Noted Attorney Offers Online Eldercare Dictionary
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Noted Attorney Offers Online Eldercare Dictionary

April 5, 2013

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Anyone in the field of aging knows that it has its own unique language.

Understanding all the shifting terms, however, can be a challenge.

Walter Feldesman, a prominent New York attorney for more than 65 years, recognized this need in 1997, when he published the first edition of his Dictionary of Eldercare Terminology.
It remains the first and only dictionary defining eldercare words and terms.

At 95, Feldesman has just released the third edition of the dictionary and is making it available online through NCOA’s website.

“Walter is an incredible example of someone who continues to contribute to society well past the traditional retirement age,” says NCOA President Jim Firman. “That’s why we gave him the first NCOA Exemplar of Vital Aging Award in 2009. Now, we’re proud to offer his newly updated dictionary as a great online resource for anyone interested in aging.”

Feldesman entered the world of elder law informally in 1990 when his bedridden mother-in-law asked him who was paying for all of her care. He did not have an answer—so he started researching.

The result was a comprehensive dictionary that includes overviews of major eldercare fields, including home care, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare supplemental insurance, and Social Security. The new, third edition includes a wide mix of gerontological terms, as well as financial, estate planning, and legal terms related to eldercare.

The first two editions were quoted, cited, and accredited by many sources, including Medicare’s consumer handbook Medicare and You and the official Medicare website,

Feldesman has served on numerous boards, including NCOA’s Leadership Council. He enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a corporate attorney, director of public companies, hospital and college trustee, philanthropist, and author.


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