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This Holiday, Help a Hungry Senior #getSNAP and More

Donating $1 to NCOA allows us to connect a hungry senior to $60 in SNAP and other vital benefits through our online BenefitsCheckUp®.

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Two Senior Centers Earn Accreditation in September

Congratulations to the two senior centers who received National Senior Center Accreditation on September 15, 2014.

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Medicare Beneficiaries with Limited English Proficiency

This visualization tool allows users to see where there are high concentrations of limited English proficient (LEP) low-income Medicare beneficiaries in their states, and to identify the most common languages spoken by these LEP populations.

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Seniors: Weigh Your Community Living Options

When weighing your housing choices as you age, it is important to consider your community as well as your dwelling. Ask yourself the following questions to see if some of today’s new residential options are a good fit for your personal situation.

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4 Tips for Seniors to Manage Their Debt

Many older adults use credit cards to cope with unexpected expenses that exceed their income. This strategy can work for a while. However, over time your credit cards can reach the maximum borrowing limits. Here are four solutions to help reduce your debt and get back on the path to financial stability.

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3 Vaccines to Keep You Healthy

Vaccines play a vital role in preventing illness and maintaining health. Here are three commonly recommended vaccines covered by Medicare, and what you need to ask your health provider or plan.

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Seniors: 5 Tips to Increase Your Income

With the decline of company pensions and financial markets taking a hit during the economic downturn, many seniors face less income than anticipated in retirement. Here are 5 tips to boost your income and savings.

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Congrats to 3 newly accredited centers!

In August, three centers received National Senior Center Accreditation. The centers—located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Texas—each provide quality services to their communities.

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Native Americans and Benefits Eligibility

This map allows users to find the number of Native American households by county who are enrolled in Medicare, and potentially eligible for benefits that make Medicare affordable.

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Hunger Action Month: #getSNAP

September is Hunger Action Month, and we developed these sample social media posts to tell real stories of seniors who have used SNAP to get help paying for healthy food. Use them to help us get the word out, or use the hashtag #getSNAP to tell the story of how SNAP has benefited you!

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