Lou Walker Senior Center: Model Senior Center
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Lou Walker Senior Center: Model Senior Center


Build It Big and They Will Come!

The Lou Walker Senior Center is DeKalb County’s first multipurpose facility for seniors.  It is a non-residential program designed for active independent adults age 55 and older.

The initial membership goal for the facility was approximately 600 seniors, but as of July 2006, it had over 2,100 members. Due to parking limitations, the center is no longer accepting new memberships--and has over 1,177 people on the waiting list to join. 

Programs and Services

The 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has amenities such as a heated therapeutic pool, fitness center, computer lab, art studios, lounges with fireplace, library, conference meeting rooms, classrooms, billiard and game room, mirrored aerobics/dance room, beauty/barber shop, gift shop, cafeteria, and formal multipurpose hall.

The program and services offered are designed to inform, promote healthier lifestyle choices, and to maximize quality of life based on individual needs and interests. Classes have been designed to meet the diverse interests of older adults in today's society, through innovative holistic approaches that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit.  

The facility is ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant and designed for independent navigation (with or without assistive devices/equipment) for persons with disabilities.
Programs and services have been creatively designed and staffed through volunteers, community partnerships, in-kind services from local businesses, and through financial donations.


Special focus has been made to insure convenient access to programs and services that will enable and assist older adults, caregivers, and their families to make more informed decisions about their lives. Transportation through the County is currently not available; therefore, participants are encouraged to car pool, use Marta (our public transportation system), or drive independently to the facility. A shuttle service from area churches is under development, but currently is not available. The parking lot of a local neighboring church accommodates staff parking.

Senior Housing Communities located in Dekalb County who wish to transport their residents who meet the facility participation requirements are encouraged and welcome to bring their residents. Dropping off of seniors unable to care for themselves, navigate independently through the facility, or who are unable to make their own decisions are not appropriate for this program.

Program Participation Fees

Annual participation fees will be charged to assist in covering the expenses for class supplies and equipment. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • DeKalb County Residents age 55 and older - individual - $60.00 per year
  • Married Couples age 55 and older - $100.00 per year
    *Additional fees for classes may be charged

Gift Cards will be available for purchase by family members, friends, or sponsors of individuals, and can be used towards facility participant fees, in the cafeteria (to purchase breakfast and/or lunch), in the beauty/barber Shop, and in the gift shop.

The main Multipurpose Hall offers a tranquil and eloquent large space with views of a lake. Facility rentals for private functions are available and limited to the use of the multipurpose hall, facility lobby area, restrooms, catering kitchen, and parking lot. An on-site caterer is available for booking, however, licensed off site caterers may also be used. Rentals will be booked based upon availability and can be scheduled up to no more than one year in advance of the desired rental date.

Center Is a Celebration

The Lou Walker Senior Center is all about “Celebrating the Seniority of Life.”  People are excited about the programming, the services and most of all the love that is demonstrated through the staff and volunteers.  So if you are thinking about building a senior multipurpose facility in your community, “build it big and they will come!”


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