What do NISC members really care about?
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What do NISC members really care about?

February 18, 2014

The results are in from last month’s annual NISC Member Survey! We asked what benefits you found most helpful, how well our customer service team responded to your inquiries and issues, and most importantly, if you were satisfied with your membership. Access to information, accreditation, advocacy, and networking opportunities were the benefits that were most valued by members.

Access to Information

Access to information, through the website, the Senior Center Voice newsletter, and Crossroads was the number one benefit noted by members. One member liked “the constant information keeping us posted on issues…Ideas, conundrums, solutions!”

Crossroads topped the list of valuable information resources. It is the epitome of “ideas, conundrums and solutions.” One member stated, “Crossroads is a great help for connecting, sharing, and learning.” Another said, “I appreciate the dialogue back and forth.” Many others echoed these statements.

One member thought Crossroads was “most helpful,” but added that it can sometimes be “too repetitive.” (As a reminder, when Crossroads gets disruptive in your day-to-day work, you have the power to change the email setting to a daily digest. You’ll receive one email containing the day’s conversation instead of individual emails).

Other valued resources included the articles that could be recycled for local senior center newsletters, updates on trends and issues, and ideas about senior center programming, public relations, and marketing to boomers.


Accreditation was the next most valued member benefit. One member stated the outcome of the accreditation process was beneficial and acted as “positive reinforcement for our center.”

Whether you pursue National Senior Center Accreditation or not, the national standards and self-assessment workbook are a benefit for all NISC members. You can use the self-assessment process to improve your center, one standard at a time.

A new comment this year had to do with NCOA grants. In 2013, NCOA offered selected grants and pilot programs to centers that have gone through the accreditation process. NCOA appreciates the proven strength of accredited centers.  This year, we included a field on senior center focused grants asking if a center has been accredited.


Information on NCOA’s advocacy efforts that involved NISC members was mentioned. A great example of that can be found in today’s Senior Center Voice. NISC member and longtime NISC leadership representative Denise Niese, of Wood County Ohio, testified on the hill about the Older Americans Act to the Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training.

Networking Opportunities

Connecting to peers was also noted as an important member benefit. Members noted the NISC opportunity to network in Massachusetts at the MCOA/NISC Senior Centers 2013 conference, as well as being able to connect virtually though our webinars and online trainings.

Workshop ideas for the Senior Centers 2014 conference were submitted and shared with the conference committee.

Overall Satisfaction

We were pleased to learn that overall, 97% of NISC members were satisfied with their membership and the support they received.

Out of all NISC members who completed the survey:

  • 54% were very satisfied with their membership
  • 43% were somewhat satisfied with their membership

Additionally, out of those who contacted NISC member services by phone or email in the past year:

  • 85% were very satisfied with the help they received
  • 12% were somewhat satisfied with the help they received

We thank and appreciate the additional kind comments submitted like, “Very friendly and helpful.”

We encourage all members to take advantage of their benefits. Find a few moments each month to replenish your senior center enthusiasm by reading the Senior Center Voice, checking out www.ncoa.org, stopping by Crossroads, writing an advocacy letter, or using the NISC accreditation standards to improve your center. One grateful member noted it’s “all important to me,” and we couldn’t agree more.


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