We Asked, You Answered: Blood Pressure Screenings
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We Asked, You Answered: Blood Pressure Screenings

November 9, 2012

Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent survey on blood pressure screenings at senior centers!

Here are some results:

  • 50% of respondents said they hold weekly screenings, while the remainder offers screenings once a month (30%) or twice a month (16.7%). 

  • A few have screenings more often than once a week; one offers them twice a week and some centers offer them daily. 

  • One center also has cuff technology equipment available in the fitness center, so participants can take their own blood pressure at any time. 

  • Most of the blood pressure screenings were conducted by nurses, including some from local nurse associations, retired nurses, and nursing students.

  • Other screenings were in partnership with hospitals, pharmacies, local health organizations, city paramedics, and fire department staff. 

When asked: “What is the follow-up when an out-of-range blood pressure was detected?” some centers said they recheck the individual a short time later. Then a health care professional counsels the individual and explains the risks along with a recommendation that they follow-up with their physician.

If the reading is extremely out of range, they facilitate making an immediate appointment with their physician or the emergency room.

“This program is important for many of our participants who need to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis,” says Jill Kranz, director of the Middleton Senor Center, WI.

“It is convenient, fast, and there is no cost. The senior center provides an ideal location for this health monitoring. It is also a great way to expose older adults to a wide variety of other opportunities and programs.”


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