2013 NISC Awards: Senior Champion's Passport Program
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2013 NISC Awards: Senior Champion's Passport Program

May 8, 2014

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Senior Champion Passport Program

Nutrition, Fitness, & Health


City of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


In conjunction with the city’s FIT/PHX program, the Human Services Department initiated the Senior Champion’s Passport program at all 15 senior centers. The goal of the program is to increase health and fitness center based programs, allowing senior center members added opportunities to become involved, educated, and active.

Participants were challenged with completing up to 72 health and fitness based activities over the four-month period. Each participant was issued a “passport” to track individual participation in four subject areas; nutrition, health awareness, physical activity, and mental fitness. Participants earned a sticker for each FIT/PHX program they completed. When the first FIT/PHX Passport was completed with the 24 required stickers, the participant earned bronze medal status. Participants who completed a second FIT/PHX passport achieved silver medal status. When a third passport was completed, a gold medal status was achieved. Seniors enjoyed healthy cooking classes, learned new games, and attended health based workshops.

Phoenix seniors are truly on their way to being fit and healthy! Approximately 600 seniors participated, and over 360 will receive medals for their participation in the FIT/PHX program—151 bronze, 95 silver, and 116 gold medals. Each center will hold an awards/medal celebration. In addition to seniors being recognized on a center level, each center will delegate a Senior Center Champion to represent their center at the 2013 Senior Services Volunteer Recognition Lunch on Dec. 11, 2013.

The Senior Champion's Passport program not only recognized the importance of physical activity, but equally important was nutrition, health awareness, and mental fitness. By creating a competition and providing recognition, the city created motivation to participate. One member recently cited the program as being the catalyst for losing weight, which led to decrease in medication and accolades from his physician. In a recent Human Services Advisory Committee meeting, he stated, "The program literally changed my life!" With this kind of results, the city senior centers should be commended for their effort and hard work!

Number of Staff/Volunteers Required

There are 15 senior centers in the City of Phoenix with 3 staff in each center.


Revenue: $0; Expense: $1,000;  Net: ($1,000)


Moises Gallegos
City of Phoenix
300 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ


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