Introducing July’s Accredited Centers
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Introducing July’s Accredited Centers

August 6, 2012

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Congratulations to the Glastonbury Senior Center in Glastonbury, CT, and the Hanover Township Senior Center in Bartlett, IL, for earning their National Senior Center Accreditation in July 2012.

NISC offers the only National Senior Center Accreditation Program. Accreditation provides official recognition that a senior center meets the nine standards of senior center operations.

Glastonbury Senior Center

The center is located in the Town of Glastonbury, approximately 32,000 in population. The town is located in central Connecticut about 10 miles southeast of Hartford.

The town provides a lot of funding towards social and recreational services for its residents, one being the senior center. The center opened in 1976, but the current facility was built in 2005. It is located on a main road in Glastonbury and near town parks. It is near the river where other facilities are planned. The center is 25, 000 square feet and includes a day services program for older adults.

The senior center provides a diverse range of programming for seniors as well as the general public. It offers classes based on a semester or quarter system. An asset is having the senior center, senior services, and children and youth services all under the Human Resource Department, which provides a lot of opportunities for intergenerational events and activities. They also provide programming at three off site areas several times a week.

Some of the center’s strengths include:

  • Tremendous town support with revenues, planning, and operations. It is apparent that the senior center/community center is an important part of the town operations, as well as the community.
  • The staff is very experienced in the area of senior center operations, as well as multi-talented with great ideas for programming and collaborations. The dedication and commitment of staff is very apparent.
  • The facility is wonderfully planned and well maintained, creating a safe, clean, well-organized, fun space for activities and members.
  • This is a wonderful facility with great programming and is clearly an asset to the community.
  • The center has a good structure of policies and procedures from which to operate.
  • The center programming is very strong in intergenerational activities, which are partially a result of the senior center/community center and Youth and Family Services being under the same director, as well as having a director that is open to new possibilities. Learn more about Intergenerational Fun Day with Grandchildren and other intergenerational programming
  • The center has extensive and impressive partners. It is clear that a lot of work has been done around partnering in the community. The staff look for every opportunity to partner and to bring new and improved services to their constituents.

Hanover Township Senior Center 

The center is situated in Bartlett, a northwest Chicago suburb and in Hanover Township, which is the northern most township in Cook County. The center, which is located next to the Township administrative offices and independent and assisted living communities, was dedicated in 2005 and is an attractive facility on several acres of land. 

Approximately 100,000 people live Hanover Township, and the senior population (over the age of 55) has increased 60% in the last decade. 

Hanover Township takes pride in their delivery of services with their logo being, “Where great service happens.” The township is mainly set up to provide recreation, social services, and road maintenance. The Senior Services Department is one of the departments under the supervision of the township administrator who works for the elected Township Board and Supervisor. 

Some of their strengths include:

  • The facility is beautiful and located next to senior living apartments, with beautiful grounds for walking and even swans in the back pond.
  • Having the Community Health Department co-located is a plus.
  • The self-assessment process was accomplished with internal and external committees. The “internal” self-assessment committee consisted of the center director, program and support staff, and the township administrator. The “external” committee was comprised of participants, partners, and community members. This process worked well and was done at the right time for completion of policies and procedures, as well as bringing together people. 
  • Great level of volunteers, and the township is adopting the center’s idea of volunteers trained as auxiliary staff in their other departments.
  • The volunteer manual is one of the best the peer reviewer had seen.
  • The program receives great support from the township not only in revenues but in other ways, as well.
  • Many great services are offered and constantly “raising the bar” in them, as well as leadership of the agency.


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