How Crossroads is Helping Your Colleagues
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How Crossroads is Helping Your Colleagues

January 16, 2013

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By Maureen Arsenault,
NISC Program Manager

Jay Morgan, NISC's moderator on NCOA Crossroads, recently did an informal satisfaction survey about use of our online networking site for senior center professionals.

When asked “How has Crossroads helped you or your senior center?” participants enthusiastically agreed that Crossroads helps them connect, share best practices, become proactive on addressing issues before they become a problem, and stretch a small training budget. 

Some comments were:

  • “Invaluable! The shared advice has helped our center improve processes and be more professional.”
  • “I appreciate hearing from colleagues around the country on what the issues are for them.”
  • “Conversations on Crossroads have raised issues and suggested policies that help our center be proactive (for example, the thread about registered sex offenders' participation) and has given us excellent program ideas.” 
  • “Great on the budget for those of us with small budgets, too.” 

Jay also asked, “What features on Crossroads do you most appreciate?” The email listserv and the Library were the top two features, along with Jay’s Archive Collection.

Also listed was the ability to get the daily digest instead of many emails. If you don’t know about this option you’ll find it under “edit your profile.” Here you can change your settings to receive one email a day. 

One enthusiastic participant wrote about the accreditation resources found in the Library. “I most appreciate the Library. We are currently going through our second re-accreditation process, and I am finding the Accreditation section extremely helpful.”

When asked how we can improve Crossroads, some wanted an easier search engine, and others just more time. “The only down side is finding time to read/reply.”

And many said their New Year’s resolution is to be more involved:

  • "It will be my New Year’s resolution to participate more, and take that next step up! Maybe even push myself to go further!"
  • “My goal for 2013 is to sign up for your next 'How to Use Crossroads' training." 

There also were many accolades for the work of Jay Morgan and Donna Childress, Crossroads manager:  

  • “Thank you for creating and administering this site! It truly is one of my favorite and most used resources.”
  • "The senior center field is better for it!"

“We are a rural senior center and therefore, more isolated from our peers in the metro areas. Crossroads has been a virtual conference of the minds that make our senior centers so great. Help and information of all kinds are no further away than my keyboard and monitor.”  

Many senior center directors feel isolated, no matter where they're located. Whether rural, urban, or remote, many senior center directors find themselves the lone lead on solving a mountain of daily issues. 

I’m very proud of NCOA’s sponsorship of the Senior Centers Group on Crossroads, which provides a virtual water cooler for center directors to connect, share resources, and tackle the day’s pressing challenges.


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