2013 NISC Awards: Buddy Bingo
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2013 NISC Awards: Buddy Bingo

March 13, 2014

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Penacook Community Center, Penacook, NH

Buddy Bingo

The "Senior Buddy Bingo Crew" was created for the first time at the Penacook Community Center Senior Program in April 2013. Senior program members and the preschool program gathered for a game of Intergenerational Bingo. Senior Buddies matched up with the children and assisted them in learning their numbers through playing number Bingo with Bingo slide cards.

A senior calls the numbers, and the children get excited looking to cover their numbers. The Bingo winner (child) yells out "BINGO" when a full row is covered. The winner gets to pick out a prize from the prize basket and at the end of the event, every child received a small prize (mini bubbles, create your own airplane, mini puzzles, etc.).

"Buddy Bingo" is a simple, easily played game that is enjoyed by multiple generations. The seniors enjoy time spent with the young children, who remind them of their children or grandchildren when they were young. This game keeps their brain and motor skills challenged by assisting the children in manipulating their Bingo boards, as well as helping them to read and identify their numbers.

The children have the opportunity to experience interaction with a grandparent role model, while learning and having fun. It's a win-win activity and event. It has been so well liked that our "Senior Buddy Bingo Crew" gets together with the preschoolers monthly.

Number of Staff/Volunteers Required

1 staff


Revenue $0; Expense: $0 (we utilize our Bingo cards & prize donations); Net: $0


Kristen Pinard-Kenney
Penacook Community Center
76 Community Drive /PO Box 6008
Penacook, NH


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