2012 Awards: I Teach You, You Teach Me
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2012 Awards: I Teach You, You Teach Me

June 10, 2013

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Farmers Branch Senior Center,
Farmers Branch, TX


There is a big need for senior citizens to bring their technical skills up to the modern day, and there is a big need for youth to get back to the basics in leisure activities. Here at the FB Senior Center, we put them both together in a weekly summer program where both groups could teach each other what they knew best and learn valuable information that would help make their life better.

The teens were available weekly to teach seniors how to use their cell phones, computers, digital cameras, and Kindles, while at the same time, the teens learned cooking, crochet, sewing, yoga, line dancing, cards, and dominoes. Both groups competed in a Wii bowling tournament, too. Senior volunteers taught all of the classes for the teens, and the teens came over during their summer youth camp each week. There was no expense, and all time was donated.

It was an amazing joint effort with both groups learning quite a bit about each other while learning particular skills to make their lives better. They found out that each group wasn't as bad as they originally thought and that each had valuable information and skills that they were more than happy to share. Great friendships were made and future programs will spur off from this summertime adventure.

Number of Staff/Volunteers Required

1 recreation programmer to organize, handful of senior volunteers, and 2 teen staff


$0; Expense: $0; Net: $0


Linda Klark
Farmers Branch Senior Center
14055 Dennis Lane
Farmers Branch, TX


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