2012 Awards: Forever Young Fundraiser Nets $55,000
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2012 Awards: Forever Young Fundraiser Nets $55,000

March 11, 2013

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Forever Young
Klein JCC Senior Center, Philadelphia


Klein JCC Senior Center hosted Forever Young, a unique event providing hands on, experiential activities to motivate and empower people to adopt healthy living strategies into their daily life.

This all-day event included 60 live demonstrations, tastings, interactive seminars, exercise demonstrations, and educational sessions. Hosted at the Sheraton Hotel, utilizing over 40,000 sq. ft., this was an event like none the region had ever experienced.

Featuring Dr. Andrew Weil and five other nationally renowned speakers, attendees learned about integrated medicine, healthy aging, meditation and mindfulness, importance of sleep, how to keep sex erotic as you age, and more. Dr. Andrew Weil spoke to over 1,500 people through the day inspiring healthy living in mind, body, and soul.

In addition to the booths, vendors, and special speakers, attendees participated in different stages featuring hands-on activities, including the Healthy Eating Stage (cooking demonstrations), Active Living Stage (demonstrations including pole dancing, Zumba, yoga), Healthy Minds (meditation, memory screens), Community Book Store, and Social Media Lab.

Forever Young raised funds in four ways: an admission fee ($15 per person), resource program book with ads, program sponsors, and a special luncheon ($200 per person).

The event was open to everyone, targeting baby boomers and active adults looking to retain health, independence, and activity as they age. Forever Young’s first debut engaged more than 20 sponsors and 40 exhibitor booths, with 80% of the contacts being new to the development department.

Forever Young had three goals: 1) raising money for the center, 2) reaching out to baby boomers as a new demographic, 3) increasing the perception of Klein JCC as a cutting-edge, fun nonprofit whose focus is healthy living.

It is imperative that centers think out of the box, engaging baby boomers. To do this, they must build rapport and change community perception. This event brought fun, interactive experiences to the boomer population and built a new donor base for us.

It also enabled us to engage a new group of volunteers who are younger, have financial capacity, and are interested in healthy aging. The program introduced the concept of aging in positive manner, a way to be “hip, happy, and healthy.”

It is replicable, innovative, and creative and can be adapted on different levels in other communities.

Number of Staff/Volunteers Required

3 staff; 150 volunteers


$284,000; Expense: $229,000; Net: $55,000


Raechel Hammer
Klein JCC Senior Center
10100 Jamison Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
215-698-7300, ext. 143


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