Innovation Readiness Assessment
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Innovation Readiness Assessment


Is your organization ready to offer a new healthy aging program for older adults?

We’ve developed a free web-based tool to help you find out.

It’s called the Innovation Readiness Assessment, and there are versions to help you determine if you’re ready to offer an evidence-based program on falls management, depression, or chronic disease.

How It Works

Organizations simply go online, complete an assessment, and receive a real-time electronic report of their “readiness” to offer the health program.

Readiness is defined as your organization’s capacity and willingness to implement the program for older adults successfully in your community. The tool addresses specific requirements for success and provides an overall score and suggestions on how to improve.

Falls Management Tool

MaineHealth's Partnership for Healthy Aging is using the Innovation Readiness Assessment to spread the use of the Matter of Balance Volunteer Lay Leader Model, a volunteer-led, evidence-based program that helps older adults reduce their fear of falling and increase activity levels.

Each year, more than a third of adults aged 65+ experiences a fall. Falls can lead to more serious health problems, loss of independence, and isolation. 

  • Use the tool to see if your organization is ready to implement the Matter of Balance/Volunteer Lay Leader Model.

Depression Tool

Houston-based Care for Elders and Baylor College of Medicine are using the Innovation Readiness Assessment to help disseminate Healthy IDEAS (Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors), an evidence-based case management program that helps older adults increase their awareness of and manage their depression.

Nearly one in five older adults experiences depressive symptoms, taking an enormous toll on quality of life, ability to function, and overall costs for health care.

  • Use the tool to see if your organization is ready to implement Healthy IDEAS.

Chronic Disease Tool

NCOA is using the Innovation Readiness Assessment to accelerate dissemination of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), a peer-led program that helps older adults cope with and better manage conditions like hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes.

The program provides information and teaches practical skills on managing chronic health problems. CDSMP gives people the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition.

  • Use the tool to see if your organization is ready to implement CDSMP.


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