Questions and Answers about Hearing Loss
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Questions and Answers about Hearing Loss


I have trouble understanding people at parties and in restaurants. Am I going deaf?

No—hearing loss is not the same as deafness. There are many options to help you hear and understand better. It starts with a hearing test.

But I always used to have great hearing.

Your hearing loss could be age-related. More than a third of people aged 65+, and more than half of people aged 75+, have some sort of hearing loss.

My hearing loss is not that bad. Shouldn’t I wait until it gets worse?

It’s best not to wait. The longer you wait, the harder it is for your brain to get used to hearing aids and to re-learn certain sounds. Remember the old adage: Use it or lose it!

Things You Can Do

  • Talk to your health care provider
  • Get a hearing test
  • Don’t delay getting help

Things Family and Friends Can Do

  • Discuss hearing loss as a family
  • Give encouragement and support
  • Emphasize that it’s a family affair

Things Everyone Can Do

  • Use effective communication strategies
  • Protect your hearing in noisy environments
  • Choose settings that are “hearing friendly”

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