Medication Management Quiz - Answers
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Medication Management Quiz - Answers

February 15, 2013

Test yourself! See if you know the facts about how to manage your medications safely.

1. True or False: If one medication does not work, take two or three.

False. An adverse drug reaction can occur when as few as two medications are involved. As more medications are added, the risk of adverse outcomes is increased.

2. True or False: Even if one dose makes me feel good, a larger dose might not make me feel even better.

True. Altering a medication dose, lower or higher, can change the effectiveness of the medication. Taking more is likely to increase the likelihood of side effects, taking less may change the medication’s benefits.

3. True or False: If my doctor has not stopped the medication, I must still need it now.

False. When receiving care from multiple doctors, you have an important role in ensuring that information about your diseases and medications is shared across providers. It’s critical to review medications with a primary care doctor at least once a year, or whenever any new medication is added. Keep in mind, the effectiveness of a medication may change as we grow older, with new health conditions, or when new medications are prescribed. Any new side effects should be reported to your doctor.

4. True or False: It is important that you take only prescription medications that are specifically prescribed for you.

True. Taking another person’s medication can be dangerous. While you may be experiencing similar symptoms as a friend or relative, the cause of those symptoms may be very different and/or the effect of the medication on another individual can be quite different and potentially dangerous. Many diseases/conditions can present with similar symptoms that need to be treated differently.

5. True or False: Generic drugs normally cost more than brand name drugs.

False. Generic drugs usually cost less than the comparable brand-name drug because the manufacturer does not pay the development cost of the medicine.

6. True or False: Generic drugs are tested and approved through the FDA.

True. Generic drug makers must prove that the active ingredient in the generic drug has the same medical effect as its brand name counterpart and must contain equal amounts of the same active ingredients. They have the same amount of medicine, safety, quality, performance, and possible side effects and strength as the brand-name drug.


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