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Stepping On

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Developed by:  Dr. Lindy Clemson
Program Administrator: Jane Mahoney, MD 
Year Program First Implemented: 2006


Stepping On is a multifaceted falls-prevention program for the community-residing elderly. About 30% of older people who fall lose their self-confidence and start to go out less often. Inactivity leads to social isolation and loss of muscle strength and balance, increasing the risk of falling. Stepping On aims to break that cycle, engaging people is a range of relevant fall preventive strategies. Stepping On content draws on current evidence for falls prevention. The program has been proven to reduce falls. A detailed manual is available to enable occupational therapists to run the program. For additional information on training opportunities and cost go to

Supporting Evidence:

Stepping On was evaluated via a randomized controlled trial with 310 community residents age 70 and older who had had a fall in the previous 12 months or were concerned about falling.

The intervention group experienced a 31% reduction in falls (relative risk (RR) =0.69, 95% confidence interval (CI)=0.50–0.96; P=.025). This was a clinically meaningful result demonstrating that the Stepping On program was effective for community-residing elderly people. Secondary analysis of subgroups showed that it was particularly effective for men (n=80; RR=0.32, 95% CI=0.17–0.59).


Clemson L, Cumming RG, Kendig H, Swann M, Heard R, Taylor K. The Effectiveness of a Community-Based Program for Reducing the Incidence of Falls in the Elderly: A Randomized Trial. J Am Geriatr Soc. (Sept 2004) 52 (9): 1487–1494. [Online]:


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