Series 2: Making Effective Presentations
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Annual CDSME and Falls Prevention Resource Centers Meeting

Making Our Vision a Reality

April 28-30, 2015
Arlington, VA


Presentations and Handouts

Series 2: Making Effective Presentations


About Series 2

This series contains three modules about tailoring your presentation to your audience, organizing your presentation flow and themes, developing attractive slides with appropriate use of graphics, describing the key components and strategies of your evidence-based program and presenting your program data. Before you get started, we suggest that you review the Technical Requirements.

We suggest that you complete all three modules in the series, in order.

Series 2 Modules

Module 6: An Introduction to Designing Slides and Delivering Talks

Module 7: Describing Your Evidence-Based Health Promotion Program

Module 8: Conveying Data about Your Evidence-Based Health Promotion Program

Tips for using the modules in this series

If you're a program administrator, here are some suggestions for how you might use the modules with your staff and others:

  • You could use the modules or templates with your program evaluator to organize a presentation that summarizes statewide data on your evidence-based health promotion program(s) for one or more years.
  • You could use the modules or templates with local agency staff to discuss the key content to include about the evidence-based health promotion programs that they are offering.
  • The modules could also be used for training your community partners - as either joint training with your staff or on their own - to help organize a consistent message about evidence-based health promotion programming.

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