Series 1: Intro to Health Promotion Programs
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Annual CDSME and Falls Prevention Resource Centers Meeting

Making Our Vision a Reality

April 28-30, 2015
Arlington, VA


Presentations and Handouts

Series 1: Intro to Health Promotion Programs


About Series 1

Each of the modules in Series 1 covers basic knowledge and hands-on application - they define health promotion concepts, frameworks and terms, and they provide lots of interactive exercises, downloadable tools and resources that can help you plan for, implement, and reinforce the quality of your health promotion programs.  The modules are self-paced - each module takes about 30 minutes to listen to, but you'll need to allot additional time for doing the interactive exercises and for exploring the links to resources.  Each module also contains a quiz so that you can privately gauge your understanding of the material.  The modules build on each other, so we recommend that you complete them in order. Remember you control the pace and you can skip over what you already know to concentrate on what's new learning for you.  You can view the modules as many times as you want. Before you get started, we suggest that you review the Technical Requirements.

Series 1 Modules

QA: Assuring Program Quality (2011)

Module 1: Making the Case for Health Promotion (2007)

Module 2: What is EBHP? (2008)

Module 3: Assuring Program Quality: Reach and Adoption (2011)

Module 4: Assuring Program Quality: Fidelity (2011)

Module 5: Assuring Program Quality: Maintenance (2011)

Tips for using the modules in this series

If you're a program administrator, here are some suggestions for how you might use the modules with your staff and others:

  • You could set up a schedule to showcase and discuss one module per month.
  • You can ask staff to first preview the modules on their own or in small groups -- you can then lead group discussions about the content, tools and resources and how the information would apply to your agency's health promotion programming.
  • The modules could also be used for training your community partners - as either joint training with your staff or on their own.  We suggest that if you're not an aging services provider, you may want to ask someone from that field to help you facilitate the training to help share information.

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