Offering Evidence-Based Programs
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Offering Evidence-Based Programs


Now that you have learned more about the advantages of evidence-based programs, how can you offer them in your setting?  The Center for Healthy Aging provides information to assist organizations interested in offering evidence-based programs including:

Program Planning: The Center offers many resources to help you decide if you’re ready- and plan for a successful implementation.  Learn more.

Implementation: We provide resources that can help you implement evidence-based programming including programming tools and checklists.  Get the tools.

Outreach and Recruitment: Recruiting and retaining participants from across your community is crucial to the success of evidence-based programming.  Read how others have done it.

Evaluation: To ensure that your program has the intended outcome, evaluation needs to take place at every step in the process.  The Center provides resources to help your evaluation planning and reporting. Access the resources.

Sustainabilty: Sustainability ensures that you can continue to offer your valuable programming.  Like evaluation, sustainability should be a part of each step of your process. Discover strategies for sustainability.


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