Meet Our Staff
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Meet Our Staff


Wendy Zenker

Vice President for Public/Private Programs

Cora Plass, MSW

Senior Director, Resource Center

(Bonita) Lynn Beattie, PT, MPT, MHA

Consultant, Injury Prevention, Falls Free© Initiative

Emily Dessem, MSW

Senior Program Manager, Center for Healthy Aging

Simona Eldridge

Senior Project Coordinator, Healthy Aging Social Enterprise

Christine Harding

Consultant, Community Education

Kristie Kulinski, MSW

Senior Program Manager, Center for Healthy Aging 

Binod Suwal, MS

Senior Program Manager, Center for Healthy Aging 

Albert Terrillion, DrPH, MEd, CPH

Senior Director, Clinical and Community Partnerships

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Online workshops for people
with chronic conditions

Nearly half of all adults live with a chronic condition such as arthritis or diabetes. Our online workshops teach them self-management tips.
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Online Training


Introduction to Health Promotion Programs for Older Adults
Take our interactive training modules on evidence-based health promotion for older adults.