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Louisiana Fall Prevention Coalition

The Louisiana Fall Prevention Coalition is currently being developed.

Leadership structure and function of the coalition: Meeting in Baton Rouge to begin development, working through four committees:

  1. Education and Awarenes
  2. Public Policy, Advocacy and Sustainability
  3. Community living
  4. Data Management

To learn more about the Louisiana Fall Prevention Coalition, visit www.la.gov. To learn how you can get involved, contact:

Lynn Watson
State of Louisiana, Office of Public Health
1010 Common Street Suite 1254
New Orleans, LA 70058
Little Rock, AR  72205
Phone:  504-568-7706

Louisiana Injury Prevention Plan: http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/offices/miscdocs/docs-221/Injury%20Free%20Louisiana.pdf


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Falls Day

Sept. 23 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day!

Help spread the word about how older adults can prevent falls.

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