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District of Columbia


DC Falls Free Coalition

History of the DC Falls Prevention Coalition:
The Coalition had preliminary meetings in the spring of 2011, but the larger group coalesced August 2011.
Organizations that took the lead in developing the DC Falls Prevention Coalition: 
Tori Goldhammer and Anne Morris as individual occupational therapists began the group.  The DC Office on Aging is now the lead.
Goals and objectives of the DC Falls Prevention Coalition: 
Advocate for programming and legislative changes to help the older adults of the District remain safe and falls free in their homes.
Outcomes being monitored:
Our goal is to monitor admissions to the hospital following a fall however it has been a challenge to date to find this data.  DC is supposed to have a trauma registry with this information but it has not been created to date.
All funding sources for the DC Falls Prevention Coalition:
The Coalition has a fiscal agent and is actively applying for grants from local foundations.
Organizations that are playing a key role in the DC Falls Prevention Coalition:
Capitol Hill Village, Dupont Circle Village, Seabury Resources for Aging, DC Office on Aging, DC Chapter of AARP, George Washington University.  Individuals include Tori Goldhammer, OT, owner of Living at Home Consultations, Craig McBurney, owner of Remain Home Solutions.
Leadership structure and function of the DC Falls Prevention Coalition:
No specific leadership roles defined to date.  Tori Goldhammer functions as secretary and coordinator.
DC Falls Prevention Coalition committees:
No committees to date.
Regional/county/local coalitions or workgroups you support/provide technical assistance:
Support received from the NCOA office.  Advice received from the Northern Virginia Falls Free Coalition.
2-3 challenges encountered: 
1. Getting fall data from local hospitals and DC Dept of Public Health
2. Securing enough volunteers to host screenings and educational programs.
2-3 successes to share:
1. Launched website www.fallsfreedc.org
2. Successful partnership with the DC Office on Aging
3. Beginning partnership with the DC Department on Community and Housing Development to examine city funded home modification program
Primary contact:
Lynne Person
DC LTC Ombudsman Program Office
Legal Counsel for the Elderly
601 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20049
Phone: 202-434-2140
Fax: 202-434-6595
Email: lperson@aarp.org   


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