Falls Prevention Awareness Day Media Toolkit
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Falls Prevention Awareness Day Media Toolkit


This Media Toolkit is for use by state and local partners of the State Coalitions on Fall Prevention Workgroup. If you are not a partner, please contact fallsfree@ncoa.org for use in your efforts. 

To get the attention of your local media, personalize these materials for your state and community. Insert your state/local facts, coalition name, and contact information in the highlighted blanks. Try to keep each piece short—no more than two pages.

New in 2014! To help spread the falls prevention awareness message, this year NCOA encourages you to use #FPAD14 in all of your social media posts. Help us get the hashtag trending!

Media Resources

Media Tip Sheet
Learn how to reach out to local media (print, TV, radio, online) and how to get your event listed in local event guides.

Media Alert
Use this template to attract media to attend your event.

Press Release
Personalize this release and send it to your local media to boost awareness.

Sample Social Media Messages
Sample social media messages to promote Falls Free awareness and Falls Prevention Awareness Day.

B-Roll or VNR Footage
Provide this footage to local TV stations to encourage coverage.

Video Testimonials
Share testimonials of older adults from Maine and Wisconsin who have benefited from falls prevention programs.

Falls Prevention Photos and Stories
See how to use testimonials and photos of falls prevention program participants.

Photo Release
Use this template to get approval from participants to use their photos in your promotion efforts.

Fact Sheets

State Fact Sheet
Use this template to describe state/local efforts and statistics.

National Fact Sheet
Share this document with national level statistics and a summary of NCOA's work on falls prevention. 


Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls
Print and share this article with older adults and caregivers.

6 Steps to Protect Your Older Loved One from a Fall
Print and share this tip sheet at your falls prevention event.

Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention
Share this one-page handout on the link between fall-related injuries and osteoporosis. 

Warning: Some resources are large files that may take a long time to download.

Documents listed in Resources may require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader click here


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Find a State Falls Coalition
Contact your state coalition and get involved in falls prevention! Find information and contacts in our searchable map.