Hawaii Resident Keeps Moving for Fall Prevention
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Hawaii Resident Keeps Moving for Fall Prevention


Dorothy Wall
Paia, Hawaii

“I’ve been to a lot of classes–four exercise classes recently. This is by far the most interesting. I was most comfortable with the people in charge. For the first class, I walked in and it was scary for me. Then, Maggie walked right up to me and right away I could tell she was my type. I said, ‘Thank you, Lord.’ Right away I felt safe and comfortable.

I learned different ways to do exercises that I had already been doing, but they were easier to understand, and therefore, I was more motivated to do them. Understanding is important to me. They made the exercises interesting so I did them.

Then on Monday I fell because they changed my medication.  I wrote a letter to the leaders to tell them that.  I cried all day because I had to miss the class on Wednesday.

What I liked best is that the exercises are interesting, with quirks, and fun.  I still do some of the exercises each day.  I practice walking heel/toe.  I’ve learned that slowing down is important while I am practicing certain exercises.

I was surprised to see several people in the class willing to participate fully and really trying to do the exercises. They usually don’t interact.

The best thing is that I am sleeping much better. I used to get up after three or four hours of sleeping and could not fall back asleep.  This went on for years. Now I sleep like a baby. Now I have to tell the staff not to wake me up in the early morning because I sleep so soundly. Moving my body and doing the exercises naturally makes me tired, a good tired, and so I sleep well.

I feel stronger. I walked over to our interview without any walker.  I have more confidence in my physical self.”

Interview by Karen Peterson, Executive Director, Giving Back Mentoring. Move with Balance program.


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