2012 Falls Prevention Story & Photo Contest Winners
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2012 Falls Prevention Story & Photo Contest Winners


We asked you to send us your high-quality, action photos of seniors participating in falls prevention programs along with the story of how a program or health care professional changed their life—and you delivered! 

Five winners were chosen out of the 23 entries we received. The entries were reviewed by a panel made up of an older adult and representatives from the Advocacy & Awareness Committee, CDC, NCOA communications team, and Falls Free®.  Here are the winning stories:

1st Place: Elizabeth Goldfarb, Fairfax, Virginia
Elizabeth Goldfarb, 71-years-old of Fairfax, VA, attended a workshop series with her husband Ira, 73. Since then, she has noticed significant increases in their strength and activity level. The workshop identified home safety risks and the couple has since made safety modifications to their home.
Elizabeth and Ira’s story 

2nd Place: Marjorie Brown, Seattle, Washington  
Marjorie Brown, member and volunteer at Southeast Seattle Senior Center in Seattle, Washington, attended the 8-week program A Matter of Balance in the spring of 2009. Having gained tremendous benefits, she decided to become a workshop leader herself. Since that time, she has co-led many sessions of A Matter of Balance.
Marjorie Brown's story 

3rd Place: Marjorie Franck, Greenville, North Carolina 
Marjorie Franck, 76-years-old of Greenville, North Carolina, fell four times in one year which resulted in a partial hip replacement. She was able put her fear of falling aside and faithfully follow instructions from her physical therapists. After physical therapy and participating in the evidence-based program A Matter of Balance, Marjorie has regained her active lifestyle.
Marjorie Franck's story

4th Place: John Feirich, Spokane, Washington
John Feirich, 78-year-old Washington resident, was having concerns about his balance. He received a flyer about an upcoming balance class in his community and signed up. John learned about steps he can take to reduce his risk of falling. Since then he and his wife have noticed improvements in his balance and activity level.
John’s story

5th Place: Dorothy Wall, Paia, Hawaii 
Hawaii resident Dorothy Wall noticed an improvement in her quality of life after participating in Move With Balance, a program at Giving Back, an organization promoting intergenerational mentoring and active aging. The balance class included learning opportunities about integrated movements, vision training, and cognitive and balance exercise skills with the goal of preventing injuries from falls.
Dorothy’s story



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