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Table of Contents • Introduction • What Do I Need to Get Started? •  Falls Free® Logic Model  • Standard Set of Survey Questions • Next Steps • Appendix  

State and local coalitions on fall prevention share a need to demonstrate the impact of coalition work to a variety of stakeholders, coalition partners, funding organizations, and policymakers. In response to requests from state coalitions, NCOA organized an Evaluation Committee of the States Coalitions on Fall Prevention Workgroup to support state and local evaluation efforts. The Evaluation Committee developed guidelines to a) help state fall prevention coalitions evaluate the impact of their efforts, and b) foster comparison of impact across states. The availability of a standard evaluation process and strategies will help develop state baseline measures, promote consistency in evaluation efforts across states, and provide data for advocacy or funding opportunities. The Evaluation Guidelines contain two important products for state coalitions:

  • The Falls Free® Logic Model
  • Standard Set of Survey Questions 

 “…Community outcomes are not visions or goals, but specific changes or benefits that involved organizations hold themselves accountable for influencing.”

         Partnership for Prevention, 2004



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