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Community Programs


We help community organizations offer proven programs that reduce the fear of falling and help prevent falls.  Learn more below about proven programs for falls prevention and to reduce the fear of falling.

A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals to increase activity, change their environment to reduce fall risk factors, and exercise to increase strength and balance. This program has been adapted from the original intervention to be more suitable for community-dwelling older adults by allowing small group sessions to be led by a trained facilitator. Learn more about A Matter of Balance.


Otago is an individually tailored program of muscle-strengthening and balance-retraining exercises of increasing difficulty, combined with a walking program delivered in the home.  This extensively tested fall prevention program is now used worldwide.  In the United States, the program is delivered by a physical therapist in 4 visits over 8 weeks with follow up visits at 6, 9, and 12 months. The program is most effective when the older adult’s commit to doing the standardized  exercise program.  To learn more about the program and about an online training for physical therapists visit the online training portal. To learn more about the program and about an online training for physical therapists, visit the Center’s for Disease Control’s phConnect site.

Stepping On

Stepping On is a multifaceted falls-prevention program for the community-residing elderly. About 30% of older people who fall lose their self-confidence and start to go out less often. Inactivity leads to social isolation and loss of muscle strength and balance, increasing the risk of falling. Stepping On aims to break that cycle, engaging people in a range of relevant fall preventive strategies.  Learn more about Stepping On.

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance™ (TJQMBB) is an evidence-based fall prevention program for community-dwelling older adults. The program consists of an 8-form core routine with built-in exercise variations and a subroutine of integrated therapeutic movements (Tai Ji Quan – Mini Therapeutic Movements®), which, collectively, comprise a set of simple yet functional Tai Ji Quan-based moves. The program is delivered in two 1-hour sessions each week for 24 weeks. Each session consists of warm-up exercises; core practices, which include a mix of practice of forms, variations of forms, and mini-therapeutic movements; and brief cool-down exercises. Learn more about Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance.

Information about other evidence-based falls prevention programs can be found in A CDC Compendium of Effective Fall Interventions: What Works for Community-Dwelling Older Adults, 2nd Edition


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