Falls Free® Coalition B-Roll
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Falls Free® Coalition B-Roll


The Falls Free® Coalition is providing access to B-Roll, which are video clips for use by the TV news media. You should include the URLs with any release or advisory send to TV media. Version 1 is one minute long and Version 2 is 2.5 minutes long. Both videos are available in three formats:

Specs: 720 x 480, exported as dv, pixel ratio .9
Version 1 | Version 2
*These files can be compressed by the client to suit their own needs. Files are TV-ready.

Specs: 640 x 480, compressed as H.264, square pixels
Version 1 | Version 2
*high data rate

Specs: 320 x 240, H.264, 480kbps, square pixels
Version 1 | Version 2

These are files are encoded for review purposes and are the only files suitable for Web distribution.  You might use these to show folks what the videos look like.

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