Findings from the CDSMP National Study
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Annual CDSME and Falls Prevention Resource Centers Meeting

Making Our Vision a Reality

April 28-30, 2015
Arlington, VA


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Findings from the CDSMP National Study

March 19, 2013

Please join Kate Lorig, Marcia Ory, Matthew Smith, and Nancy Whitelaw for this webinar on Findings from the CDSMP National Study. The presenters will share the results of a major longitudinal study of 1,170 diverse CDSMP participants from 22 sites around the nation, with key study outcomes related to health status, health behaviors, and health care use. They will also present findings on the characteristics of workshops and the workshop leaders. Read updated findings that were published after the webinar.

This webinar is part of a series given by the Center for Healthy Aging and partners as part of the 2012 Prevention and Public Health Funds: Empowering Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities through Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs grant.

Watch the recording now, or click below to download just the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar.




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