Marketing and Recruitment Materials
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Annual CDSME and Falls Prevention Resource Centers Meeting

Making Our Vision a Reality

April 28-30, 2015
Arlington, VA


Presentations and Handouts

Marketing and Recruitment Materials


The Center for Healthy Aging designed these marketing and recruitment materials for state and local agencies to create awareness and encourage older adults to register for a CDSMP workshop session. After conducting market research, NCOA crafted preliminary marketing and promotional materials for the workshops and tested them with several focus groups of older adults across the country.  Using the feedback from these focus groups, NCOA refined the messages, photographs, and graphic images and prepared the templated materials provided below.  This page also includes sample materials shared by our partners.

Before you begin, please read the Instructions for Customizing the Template Materials which describes how to make these generic materials your own.

NCOA hopes you find the materials useful and welcomes your feedback on how they can be improved.  If you have questions or comments about the materials, please contact us.

Policies and Procedures

Marketing CDSMP: Instructions for Customizing the Template Materials

Marketing Templates

Marketing CDSMP: Brochure

Marketing CDSMP: Brochure (in Microsoft Word)

Marketing CDSMP: Community Calendar Notices 

Marketing CDSMP: Poster or Print PSA 

Marketing CDSMP: Sample Newsletter or Local Newspaper Story

Marketing CDSMP: Slide Presentation 

Marketing CDSMP: Two Color Brochure

Marketing CDSMP: Two Color Poster

Marketing Templates- Spanish

Marketing CDSMP: Brochure- Spanish   

Marketing CDSMP: Community Calendar Notices- Spanish

Marketing CDSMP: Poster or Print PSA- Spanish

Marketing CDSMP: Sample Newsletter or Local Newspaper- Spanish

Marketing CDSMP: Sample Recruiting Letters- Spanish

Marketing CDSMP: Slide Presentation- Spanish   

Marketing Material Examples

CDSMP Sample Postcard

Illinois' Take Charge of Your Health Marketing Brochure

Iowa's Healthy Links Banners

Michigan PATH Promotional Brochure

New Jersey Model for a Countywide Kickoff

New Jersey's Participant Testimonial 

Oregon's Living Well Newsletter

University of Wisconsin Flyer

Photographs and Logos

CDSMP Postcard

Marketing CDSMP Photographs and Logos


Marketing your Workshops

Informational Focus Group: Marketing

Telling the Right Story  


Capacity Framework- Recruitment and Engagement of New Stakeholders


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