Chronic Disease
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Chronic Disease


About 91% of older adults have a least one chronic condition, and 73% have at least two. Chronic conditions – such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and lung disease – seriously compromise the quality of life of older adults, often forcing them to give up their independence too soon.

Chronic conditions also place a significant financial burden on individuals as well as health care systems. In 2011, this cost totaled nearly $3 trillion. The traditional medical model – which focuses more on the illness than the patient – is costly and often ineffective. Get more facts on the impact of chronic disease.

Community Programs 

We help community organizations find proven programs that help individuals manage their chronic conditions.  Self-management programs, offered in communities throughout the United States as well as online, can give people with chronic conditions the tools they need to better manage their symptoms and put life back in their life.  Find proven programs in your community.

How NCOA Helps

The Center for Healthy Aging serves as a resource center for states and local communities offering Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs with support from the U.S. Administration on Aging.

We have also developed Diabetes Self-Management Training Resources to provide AAAs, community planners, and healthcare professionals with valuable information and insights that can help them operate cost-effective, accredited Diabetes Self-Management Training programs that can meet CMS requirements for Medicare reimbursement.

Learn more about how the Center for Healthy Aging helps promote healthy aging and connects community organizations with the resources they need.

Tools and Resources

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