Community Programs
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Community Programs


The Center for Healthy Aging helps community organizations find proven programs such as these that address mental health and/or substance abuse with older adults.

Healthy IDEAS (Identifying Depression Empowering Activities for Seniors)

Healthy IDEAS is a depression self-management program that includes screening and assessment, education for clients and family caregivers, referral and linkages to appropriate health professionals, and behavioral activation. The Healthy IDEAS program is designed to be implemented by case managers. Learn more about Healthy IDEAS.

Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS)

PEARLS is a highly effective method designed to reduce depressive symptoms and improve quality of life in older adults and in all-age adults with epilepsy. During six to eight in-home sessions that take place in the client's home and focus on brief behavioral techniques, PEARLS counselors empower individuals to take to action and make lasting changes so that they can lead more active and rewarding lives.  Learn more about PEARLS.

Prevention and Management of Alcohol Problems in Older Adults

The brief alcohol intervention approach is designed specifically for an older adult population and relies on concepts of motivational interviewing to enhance participants’ commitment to change their behavior. Program components include: alcohol screening, assessments, brief interventions, and a guide to referral for more intensive care.  Learn more about Prevention and Management of Alcohol Problems in Older Adults


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