Source 8: Strategic Alliances with Other Nonprofits and Government Agencies
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Source 8: Strategic Alliances with Other Nonprofits and Government Agencies


Nonprofits are missing out on many economic and social benefits from better alliances and strategic partnerships with other nonprofit and government agencies.

More on Alliances

  • Advantages and Barriers
    Learn how to evaluate new partnerships with other nonprofit organizations. Use our checklist.
  • Next Steps
    Ask yourself preliminary questions before you make the leap. Then use our tips for developing an agreement. Get started. 
  • Assessing Your Collaboration: A Self Evaluation Tool
    Does your organization have the right stuff for a successful collaboration? Use this tool to find out.

More Resources

National Network for Collaboration
This site offers a fantastic list of online networks and resources about collaboration. Explore the list.

Nonprofit Collaboration and Merger Resources
This site features an expansive list of guides, tutorials, articles, and books about collaboration and mergers between nonprofit organizations. Check out these resources.

Nonprofit Collaboration Database
The Collaboration Prize has just launched this resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofit organizations are working together. Learn about real-life collaborations.

Nonprofit Expert List
This list of books on collaborations and mergers includes links to purchase from Amazon. Review their list of recommended books.

La Piana Consulting Firm
This national firm is dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and foundations with specialty areas in collaborations, partnerships, and mergers. Review their list of recommended books and articles.


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